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What We Do

The Office for Nigerian Content development (ONC) is focused on implementing the Guidelines for the Nigerian Content Development Programme and championing the growth and development of Nigerian content in the Information and Communications Technology industry through well-coordinated Compliance, Development, Research and Advocacy functions.

● Creating an awareness of the guidelines amongst industry participants, especially on the provisions which are timebound.

● Developing a compliance and enforcement framework for the guidelines on Nigerian content development, including the issuance of incidental and further guidelines to give effect to the Guidelines for Nigerian Content Development in ICT.

● Ensuring that all existing government circulars, directives and memos on Nigerian Content development are considered in developing the compliance framework.

● Monitoring companies to ensure compliance with the Nigerian content guidelines and provisions.

● Investigation of errant firms to determine culpability and seriousness of offence.

● Enforcement of guidelines and instituting penalties for errant organizations.

● Generating demand and consumer adoption of Nigerian products.

● Driving innovation and encouraging local production.

● Providing access to funds for indigenous manufacturers, innovators and developers.

● Ensuring product quality and service delivery.

● Conducting baseline and regular research on matters relating to the different sub-sectors of the Nigerian Content in ICT for purposes of planning and measurement.

● Maintaining and updating annual statistics on progress made in each subsector of Nigerian Content development as inputs into the reports to the Director-General of NITDA and the Honorable Minister of Communication Technology.

● Creating awareness for indigenous products.

● Helping with strategic positioning of Nigerian firms.

● Promotion of local businesses/investments.

● Encouraging the use of local resources: human and material.

● Discouraging imports and encouraging exports.

● Working with NITDA and the Ministry of Communications Technology to prepare the grounds for an enabling law for Nigerian content development in ICT.

● Hosting an annual collaborative exhibition to showcase Nigerian Content progress and contribution to the growth of the ICT industry.

● Introducing a reward program for industry participants, MNCs, Universities etc based on their contributions to Nigerian content development.

● Managing review process for the Nigerian Content Development Guidelines in ICT.