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Telecommunications Service

Telecommunications companies shall:

● Be licensed by the NCC.

● Provide a local content development plan for the creation of jobs, recruitment of Nigerians, human capital development, use of indigenous ICT products and services for value creation.

● Use locally developed or manufactured software components, equipment, cables and devices for the provision of communication services.

● Host all subscriber and consumer data within the country in line with existing legislation.

● Peer their internet traffic at any Internet Exchange Point in Nigeria.

● Use indigenous companies to build network infrastructure (both active and passive). These include but not limited to cell sites towers, base stations, cables, software, network equipment and ensure that at least 80% of the value and volume are locally sourced.

● Use indigenous companies for the provision of at least 80% of all Value Added Services and network services on the networks. TSP must also ensure that such companies are creating at least 80% of the volume and value of services provided locally.

● Demonstrate verifiable evidence of Investment of at least 1% of annual turn-over in ICT Research and Development in Nigeria in accordance with the Companies Income Tax Act (CITA) 2004.