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Networking Services

Networking service companies shall:

● Be licensed by the NCC where applicable and register their products, capabilities and organizations on the NITDA portal. The registration services shall be provided by free of charge and will ensure NITDA awareness of available resources.

● Provide a local content development plan for the creation of jobs, recruitment of Nigerians, human capital development, use of indigenous ICT products and services for value creation.

● Use locally developed or manufactured software, equipment and devices for the provisioning of data services in Nigeria except where such software, equipment and devices are not available locally, the networking services company shall obtain written approval of the Agency to purchase it outside Nigeria.

● Host all subscriber and consumer data within the country.

● Peer their internet traffic at any internet exchange point in Nigeria.

● Use indigenous companies for the provision of all network services and delivery of projects on their networks.

● Demonstrate verifiable evidence of Investment of at least 1% of annual turn-over in Research and Development in ICT in Nigeria which is tax deductible in accordance with the Companies Income Tax Act (CITA) 2004.

● Provide evidence of the origin, source, paths, workings of network, Internet tools and services as well as adequate access to ascertain the full security of communications being sent through such platforms.

● Maintain security and audit protocols for all services being rendered to citizens, corporations and government.

● Hold and maintain relevant locally and internationally acceptable standards